Business Services

Business Services

Expert Energy offer energy consultancy services for businesses and other organisations in the south of England, including energy efficiency consultancy, energy management, carbon reduction and renewable energy consultancy.

Expert Energy are independent consultants – this means we do not sell any products, nor do we receive commission from suppliers. You can therefore trust our advice to be completely impartial – we will only recommend actions and solutions that we believe are right for you.

Energy surveys and audits

Whether your organisation has runaway energy costs or a commitment to reduce its carbon footprint, our surveys and audits can help you understand and tackle the issue.

Thermal imaging surveys

Thermal imaging is an invaluable tool for assessing heat loss through the building fabric and identifying the sources of draughts and cold air infiltration, either on its own or as part of a comprehensive energy survey/audit.

Energy training

Expert Energy can develop and deliver training packages on energy efficiency, energy conservation, carbon reduction and renewable energy to meet your requirements.

Carbon footprinting

Organisations are increasingly looking to monitor and manage their carbon emissions in order to meet reduction targets. Make sure you know where you stand with an annual carbon footprinting exercise.

Lighting surveys

Our independent surveys will show you whether you are still meeting recommended light levels and make suggestions for upgrades to lamps and controls which will save you money and improve your lighting.