Home Energy Survey

We may not be the cheapest, but as far are we know we offer the most in-depth and comprehensive independent home energy assessments in the country, with the help of over two decades’ experience in the field of energy efficiency and conservation. We do not sell solutions, work with suppliers or accept commission for referrals, so our findings and recommendations are completely impartial.

Whether you want to tackle spiralling energy costs, are looking to invest in renewable energy or are struggling to keep your home warm and cosy, our Home Energy Survey or Remote Consultation can help you.  Either assessment takes a wide-ranging look at all opportunities for reducing energy costs and carbon emissions whilst improving comfort.  We can also focus on particular areas of concern, for example unexplained sources of electricity consumption.  During the heating season we also carry out thermal imaging as part of the survey to provide an objective assessment of heat loss. Operating since 2010, we have featured on BBC TV and radio, ITV, C4 and across the national press. We work with a broad range of clients including homeowners, landlords and tenants, managing agents, ultra high net worth individuals and household names.

If you’re still not convinced, take a look at some of the unsolicited comments we have received.

How does it work? – surveys

1.   We will book in a convenient time to visit you in your home.  

2.   When we arrive we’ll sit down and talk with you to capture important information and discover what your problems or objectives are. This ensures that we concentrate on the areas of greatest importance to you.

3.   Following this we will carry out a thorough survey of your home to look at how you are using energy. In the heating season (November to April) we will also carry out a thermal imaging analysis to provide objective evidence of heat loss – for more information about this aspect please see here.  As we talk and walk round we will look at the following aspects relating to your energy use:

  • Heating – boilers, heat pumps, electric heating, controls, radiators/underfloor heating
  • Hot water – storage, distribution and use
  • Insulation – roof/loft, floor, walls, windows and doors and related structural issues
  • Draughtproofing, cold air infiltration and ventilation
  • Lighting and appliances
  • Historic/real-time energy consumption, bills and advice on tariffs
  • Opportunities for renewable energy generation and storage

You should allow 1.5-4 hours, depending on the size of your home and how many questions you might have.

Remote consultations are available as an alternative to the site visit – with the help of information you can provide at our request (photos, plans, bills etc), this can be carried out for a property in any location in the UK, achieving most of the benefit of an in-person survey at much lower cost. Consultations take around two hours, typically using Teams.

What will you receive?

Your home energy report

If you have chosen the report option, within 7-14 days you will receive a detailed and personalised report in PDF format. Revamped for 2022/3, the report is now even more comprehensive at around 35 pages long (and significantly longer where you have also chosen to incorporate thermal images), presenting our findings with detailed recommendations for improving energy efficiency and reducing wastage. This approach goes way beyond the basic fixed-format style of an Energy Performance Certificate or any of the Retrofit Assessments we have seen.

Each recommendation will include an estimate of the cost, indications of the expected savings and the payback time.  The recommendations will also be summarised in a table format so that, for example, you can easily see which actions will pay for themselves quickest.  And because we do not sell products or receive commission for referrals off the back of our recommendations, you can trust our advice to be the right advice for you.

As well as covering the areas mentioned above, the report will benchmark your energy consumption and carbon emissions, show how heat is being lost in your house and provide pointers on how you can monitor your energy use in future. We also provide advice on financing your improvements (including grants/subsidies), planning issues and finding suppliers.

Expert Energy Guides

We spend a considerable amount of time producing and updating our Expert Energy Guides which all clients receive. The guides are a series of detailed PDFs (totalling around 130 pages and updated regularly) on particular subjects relating to our most common recommendations, for example improving insulation or installing a heat pump.  We send the relevant guides to you separately – the aim of these is to provide you with in-depth background information on our recommendations without cluttering up the main report.

Follow-up support

We realise that there may be questions which occur to you after the survey has taken place, or points you would like to clarify.  You have the opportunity to ask any follow-up questions you have relating directly to the report or survey for up to 12 months after the survey.


We offer a number of options to cater for a range of budgets:

OPTION A – A site survey or remote consultation (the former including thermal imaging in the heating season) – you can make your own notes and we provide our series of Expert Energy Guides and further ongoing support via phone or email

OPTION B – As Option A plus a full written report (excluding thermal images).

OPTION C – As Option B plus the inclusion of thermal images within the report

The following prices are for 1-3 bedroom properties.  For each additional bedroom please add £100.  All prices include VAT.


REMOTE CONSULTATION (available throughout UK)
HampshireOPTION A – £495
OPTION B – £695
OPTION A – £795
OPTION B – £995
OPTION C – £1195
West Sussex, Surrey,
Berkshire, Wiltshire,
OPTION A – £495
OPTION B – £695
OPTION A – £995
OPTION B – £1195
OPTION C – £1395
London, Bucks, Oxon,
East Sussex, Gloucs, Somerset, Bristol, Beds, Herts
OPTION A – £495
OPTION B – £695
OPTION A – £1195
OPTION B – £1395
OPTION C – £1595
Other counties not listedOPTION A – £495
OPTION B – £695
At our discretion – please contact us.

Please contact us to arrange a survey or ask any questions.