Thermal imaging survey

Thermal imaging surveys

Thermal imaging – or thermography – is an invaluable tool in the energy business.  Thermal imaging cameras have a unique ability to detect problems caused by shortfalls in insulation, draughtproofing and cold air infiltration that would otherwise go undetected. 

Heat loss surveys

A heat loss survey using thermal imaging will help to track down problems with missing or incorrectly installed insulation and sources of cold air infiltration in the building fabric.  We generally advise that a combined internal and external survey is carried out – many problems are only identifiable from the inside, particularly where unwanted cold air infiltration and draughts are concerned.

Leakage and damp identification

In conjunction with damp measurements from a moisture meter, thermal imaging can help track down leaks in pipes feeding wet heating systems.  With the help of thermography, heating engineers and their clients can potentially save significant sums of money and a huge amount of hassle by avoiding digging up concrete floors unnecessarily.

Electrical component testing

Distribution boards and solar PV panels are just two of the many electrical systems which may benefit from proactive thermal imaging analysis – a process which identifies overheating components, potentially avoiding costly failures and the risk of fire.