Energy surveys and audits

Energy surveys and audits

Every organisation has opportunities to save energy.  In our experience working with SMEs, even where business managers are motivated to improve environmental performance, they are largely unaware of the degree of energy wastage happening in their organisation, and therefore underestimate the scope for energy, cost and carbon savings.  As a result, many businesses are missing opportunities to reduce their running costs through simple, no- and low-cost changes.

What we do

Expert Energy’s impartial energy efficiency and energy conservation surveys are designed to assess the opportunities for reducing energy consumption in any organisation.  As well as a full visual survey, we carry out an assessment of other environmental aspects with the aid of tools such as thermal imaging cameras, logging thermometers, lux (illumination) meters and logging energy monitors.  

We never accept commission for referrals, nor do we try and sell products off the back of our recommendations, therefore our findings are completely impartial.

Typically carried out in conjunction with an energy audit, an on-site energy survey will cover all aspects of building energy use, including:

  • Insulation and airtightness
  • Lighting efficiency, illumination levels and control
  • Heating and hot water generation, distribution and control
  • Ventilation and air-conditioning
  • IT, office and catering equipment
  • Staff behaviour change

We go beyond the boilerplate approach of many low-cost surveys, with our clients finding that the extra investment in a detailed and thorough assessment pays for itself many times over in additional savings.

What you will receive

  • A detailed, bespoke report presenting our survey findings
  • Recommendations for no-cost changes to reduce energy wastage
  • Recommendations for investment in upgrading to energy-efficient technologies
  • Indications of costs, energy/carbon savings and payback times
  • Information about financial incentives available to reduce capital costs of upgrades

The benefits to you

  • A reduction in energy consumption and carbon emissions
  • A reduction in energy costs and carbon taxes resulting in improved profitability
  • An improvement in operational sustainability
  • An enhanced corporate reputation
  • An increase in resilience against future energy price rises

If you’re interested in discussing how we might help, please contact us providing a clear indication of your budget.