Lighting survey

Lighting surveys

Whether you are a business, public-sector organisation or own a community building, a high proportion of your electricity bill is likely to be spent on lighting.  Any lighting system will deteriorate over time through ageing and lack of maintenance.  In recent years lighting technology and efficiency has come on in leaps and bounds – this means that the scope for saving energy on lighting is increasing every year.  Our independent surveys will show you whether you are still meeting recommended light levels and make suggestions for upgrades to lamps and controls that will save you money and improve your lighting.

What we do

Expert Energy will carry out a full internal and/or external site survey of your lighting, and produce a detailed report outlining our findings and presenting recommendations to reduce energy consumption and improve lighting coverage. 

  • Assessment of existing illumination levels, uniformity, light quality, efficiency and lamp/luminaire condition
  • Comparison with industry recommendations for lighting levels/quality for the type of building/site, usage, safety and security etc
  • Outline of any specific problems such as light pollution and glare, failed lamps etc
  • Recommendations for upgrades to reduce running costs and carbon emissions, as well as to improve lighting quality
  • Estimates of capital costs, energy and carbon savings and return on investment
  • Information about financial incentives and tax breaks available to reduce the capital costs of upgrades

The benefits to you

  • Tap in to in-depth and independent knowledge of the latest lighting technology
  • Ensure your property is meeting health and safety requirements and recommended lighting levels
  • Cut your energy costs with more efficient lamps and luminaires and effective controls
  • Improve the quality of lighting in your working or living environment
  • Reduce long-term maintenance costs with the latest lighting technologies