In the media

Although we don’t generally court the media,  from time to time we are asked to contribute to a newspaper article or TV or radio programme.  We are usually happy to contribute where we are able to provide a considered and independent viewpoint, and given sufficient notice with regard to travel and preparation.

Repeated appearances on BBC Radio Solent (Sasha Twining show) to give expert advice for phone-in on energy saving – January 2017, January 2018, May 2018, July 2018, October 2018, June 2019.

Daily Mail – another article assessing the energy use of hot water taps versus boiling a kettle – October 2017

ITV News website – comment on new British Gas “free electricity” tariff

Channel 4 Dispatches – thermal imaging survey report on episode “Britain’s Nightmare New Homes” – November 2015

Daily Telegraph – independent assessment of energy consumption of instant hot water tap–will-it-cost-more-than-usin/

Calculation of “teatime” energy use during Royal Wedding on behalf of ad firm GolinHarris and PG Tips

Sun, Daily Mail and others – Impartial assessment of thermal images of energy company bosses’ homes on behalf of investigative journalist