In the media

From time to time we are asked to contribute to a newspaper article or TV or radio programme.  We are usually happy to contribute where we are able to provide a considered and independent viewpoint, and given sufficient notice with regard to travel and preparation.

Repeated appearances on BBC Radio Solent (Sasha Twining and Alun Newman shows) to give expert advice for phone-in on energy saving from 2017 through to 2021.

Interview on Wave 105 regarding energy price rises – March 2022

Interview on BBC South Today regarding energy prices for homeowners – 11 March 2022

This Is Money – Commentary on cost of energy efficiency upgrades

Daily Mail – another article assessing the energy use of hot water taps versus boiling a kettle

ITV News website – comment on new British Gas “free electricity” tariff

Channel 4 Dispatches – thermal imaging survey report on episode “Britain’s Nightmare New Homes” – November 2015

Daily Telegraph – independent assessment of energy consumption of instant hot water tap–will-it-cost-more-than-usin/

Calculation of “teatime” energy use during Royal Wedding on behalf of ad firm GolinHarris and PG Tips

Sun, Daily Mail and others – Impartial assessment of thermal images of energy company bosses’ homes on behalf of investigative journalist